Stay Far Away From Yelp Badges

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Stay Far Away From Yelp Badges

Lets face it, owning a small business is tough. Employees want to work less and get paid more;Uncle Sam wants increasing portions of his “fair share”; and all your friends want you to sponsor their kids tee ball team. You have a lot of decisions to make, and some can make or break your small business. It’s not a life for the faint of heart.

If you didn’t already have enough to juggle, there’s also the internet mafia-Yelp. You may be tempted to plaster their logo on your website and have your potential customers “check you out” on their turf, but that is a huge mistake. The efficiency at which your customers will be sent to your competitors is unmatched.

Imagine you own a small ice cream shop in Sunny Los Angeles. Your potential patron googles “ice cream shop los angeles” on their phone. They see you listed at the top of google with good reviews and visit your website. After about 10 seconds, because that is all the attention they will give your site, they are convinced that you can satiate their cold creamy cravings. But wait, they can’t resist your fiery red invitation to check you out on Yelp, that you emblazoned right at the top of your website. Once they click your invite, they are warped to a portal where all of your competitors are vying for your customer. You had them for a brief moment, and then tossed them back into the fray.

Sending your customers to Yelp from your very own website is akin to having your competitors line up inside your shop and pitch to your clientele. You may as well let them give your Patrons free samples. It makes zero financial sense to have anyone check you out on Yelp.

Don’t get me wrong. Yelp is a bully. They are sneaky and cunning. They have your online reputation captive and the ransom is steep. Do what you need to do, but under no circumstances should you send your prospects to Yelp.

Good Luck!

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