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It’s no secret that many business owners have strong feelings against Yelp. They have been sued numerous times, and have thousands of complaints filed with the FTC. Their stocks have been in a downward spiral for some time with no reprieve in sight. They are the Myspace of the online review world, but while they cling to life we decided it was only fair that we set up a place where business owners could review yelp.

Personally, we give Yelp a 1.5.

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  • Yelp had the nerve to take down all of the reviews that my customers posted. Then they called me wanting like $250 a month to advertise with them. They had the audacity to tell me that they pull reviews of those who don’t review others every 30 days to protect me. I’ll never spend a dime with Yelp!

  • warren

    Yelp don’t care about reviews they receive. They’ve tapped into the moron market and it isn’t evaporating no time soon.Each day more and more people learn about the so called unbiased filtering system yelp uses to dictate what reviews are considered to be an honest consumer experience. My site,I have 104 reviews 22 that are recommended and create my star rating which is at this time 3.5. The other 82 are hidden in the “not recommended “section and are not factored in my company’s rating. Out of that 82, 76 are 4/5 star reviews. That’s quite a few 4/5 reviews withheld from a mere 82 reviews. Now let’s see how this magic filter reacts to reviews about yelp. Yelp has received over 16000 reviews. 7840 recommended,7193 not recommended and over 2000 in violation of their guidelines. Now I didn’t have enough time to waste pouring through over 9000 hidden reviews but in the over 3,000 I saw there wasn’t one 5,4, or even a 3 star review that was hidden. So my question is how this ol mighty filter of truth can find so many not  recommended 4/5 star reviews in less than 100 reviews for me and 1,000’s of other businesses and yet can’t find 1 in the many 1,000’s of yelps own reviews?  And what other company has had over 10,000 people write how much they hate them on one website? 

  • warren

    I mean speak to elected officials. As time goes by more and more people are learning of the horrible business template yelp has in place. As the public outcry rises and yelp can no longer control its crowd they look for help from other sources i.e. lobbyist just like big tobacco has. Here’s an example of yelfness.:Yelfs own guidelines say “Your contributions should be unbiased and objective”… “For example, you shouldn’t write reviews of your own business or employer, your friends’”… What is a yelf elite if not a very good friend of yelf? They have all kinds of yelf sponsored get togethers, they are given status in the yelf community and have a monthly quota of reviews they must write to maintain their status. Yet these “elite” are allowed to write reviews for their friend yelf. If not for these elites reviews yelf’s rating would be much lower than it’s current 2.5.

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